PE Film Laminated Paper

What Are The Main Applications Of Bed Sheet Roll ?

Most is widely used in dental clinic, hospital exam table or massage table and etc

Disposable Bed Sheet Roll

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bed sheet roll

Product Display

Product Name: PE Film Coated Paper/Tissue
Model NO.
Raw material
100% PE & virgin woodpulp paper
Total weight of PE film and paper : 30GSM-100GSM
White, Blue, yellow, green, pink or customized
Roll package with shrink wrapping
Disposable examination bed sheet, maternity pad, eye surgical drapes, medical health & hygiene products
OEM & ODM are both accepted
Waterproof, durable, high tensile strength, soft, eco-friendly, recyclable
Place of origin
Delivery Time
15-30 days from payment
ISO13485,  Biocompatibility test report


* Food industry packaging: break bags, hamburger bags, nuts bags

*Industrial packaging: Soap packaging, skin care packaging

* Other packaging: Cookie packaging bags, fruit packaging bags

paper sheet roll

Paper Roll Process

Our Bed Sheet Advantages

A: The unique technique used to bond the layers of tissue and ply securely together, which eliminates the separation from each layers.
B: The side of the tissue paper is absorbent, the other side of PE film is waterproof.
C: It is good for anti-leak when treating.
D: You can print your brand and some cute pattern(1-4color) on the paper side

PE Film Production Process

pe film raw material warehouse

PE Film Raw Material Warehouse

Paricle Assortment

Paricle Assortment

loading pe film material

Loading PE Film Material

pe film melting process

PE fIlm Melting Process

pe film casting process

PE Film Casting Process

pe film embossing

PE Film Embossing

pe film traction

PE Film Traction

pe film rolling process

Rolling Process

pe film weighing

PE Film Pack

Pe Film Package

PE Film Pack

Pe Film Weighing

PE Film Weighing

Pe Film testing

Rolling Process

Why Choose Us

Hefei Yuchen Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. established in 2008, is a leading professional direct manufacturer of PE film , PE film laminated products in China. engaged in the research, sale and service of PE film, PE laminated  nonwoven  products, SMPE, PE film paper and others.20 years industiral experience and 12 years factory producing experience.

As the direct pe film factory,we have big price advantages for our customer.

We have 12 sales with more than 8 years  experience in pe film field in average.We could supply all round support plans for customers.

Until now ,we have exported pe film to more than  80+ countries.We believe in we could build a good business relationship with our customer.

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